Microsoft announced that Skype for Business is indeed getting a new version and will have a release date later this year, it is expected to come in the 2nd quarter of 2018!

Unfortunately Microsoft hasn’t released the new products name yet, but to our guessing it would be something like “Skype for Business Server 2017” or “2018.”

We looked other Skype for Business-related sessions planned for Ignite. Here is the full list.
MS Ignite Session Catalog: “Skype for Business”.

Unsurprisingly, most reference Office 365. Video interop, large-scale deployments, bots, etc. All useful, of course, but not referencing Skype for Business Server.

Surprisingly, some of the Skype for Business Online services will have name changes too.

  • Cloud PBX becomes “Microsoft’s Phone System” – Which is a great idea so non-technical users can understand what exactly it’s all about.
  • PSTN Calling becomes “Calling Plan” – Not such a great idea, can get confusing as users would assume it means dialing plan

Whatever the version name, anything new from Microsoft is great news!